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P2P investing Platforms review

First impressions
Robocash P2P lending platform was founded on 2017 February and was located in Latvia, however on 28 March 2019, they have relocated their operations to Zagreb, Croatia under the name Robocash d.o.o.. Robocash P2P lending platform partners with 6 lending companies: LLP Zaimer began from the Republic of Kazakhstan, LLC PRESTAMER from Spain, TezCredit from the Republic of Kazakhstan, LLP Z-FINANCE from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Limited Liability Company RC Riga from Latvia and ROBOCASH FINANCE CORP. from the Philippines. Lending platform has around 6000 Investors. Loans worth more than 66 million euros, have been funded since Robocash was establishes, monthly 3.2 million euros are invested in loans via the platform and investors have earned approximately 600’000 € by funding the loans. Platform is rapidly evolving so for now it is safe to say that investors will find this P2P lending platform as a valid option for their money to grow in.

The truth behind the curtains
After doing a research on Robocash, reviewing their previous year financial results, reading multiple forums, blogs other investors experience with the platform no red flags were found. All the loans they offer are with buyback guarantee the annual interest rate is offered up to 12%, previously the rates where offered up 14%.

Buyback guarantee
What does it mean buyback guarantee on the Robocash platform – essentially it is a pledge from the loan originator in case the borrower will not pay back the loan the loan originator will reimburse you for the invested funds plus interest for the period you invested in the loan and for the overdue days loan originator will pay the overdue interest.
The buyback guarantee is not risk free, it only transfers risk the liability to the loan originator, so you don’t have to think about each loan in your portfolio, however you have to worry about the loan originator defaulting.
To my opinion buyback guarantee is the assurance that investors need, thus making P2P lending much more attractive then investing in stock market, because with P2P lending you know what return you will receive annually.
Shortly - Robocash guarantees that you will not lose money as long as they are profitable.

Are they profitable?
Robocash is well known and one of the trusted companies in the P2P space.
They started issuing payday loans back in 2010 and they were profitable from 2015 – 2018, all the indications show that they should be doing good in the 2019 well. 

Setting up the auto-invest feature
You can set up different portfolios but you really only need one.
Choose a name for the portfolio; 
Set the minimum and maximum amount of the each investment;
Set interest rate to;
Select what should happen to repayments and interest :
Reinvest full amount
Reinvest principal amount
I’ve never seen a direct payout option on a P2P site before. That is an interesting option that makes investing much easier, if you just want to invest once and have your money returned after the investment period ends.
“Reinvest principal amount” is another great feature, if you want to keep your investment at a certain level and only harvest the interest payouts.
If you’re investing towards financial freedom like me, you’ll want to set it to “Reinvest full amount”.

Exit strategy
Before investing into anything it’s a must to know your exit options. At some point you will want to cash out.
Robocash operates with two types of loans: Microloans and Installment loans.
For Microloans, there is no selling option, no secondary market. Before you freak out, let me remind you that the duration of Microloans is 7-30 days and the average duration is 20 days including extensions. That means you’ll be able to have your funds returned in a short period, just by letting the loans expire and stop the auto invest feature. Worst case would be a maximum of 60 days (30 day duration plus 30 days for the buyback guarantee to kick in).
Installment loans have up to 1 year payback period. Those can be sold to other investors and you will receive interest according to the number of days you held the loan. Go to “My investments”, select Type “ Installment “, select the loans you want to sell and push the SELL button.

So what is my experience with Robocash?
I have been using Robocash for almost 3 months since I made my first deposit. I’m very happy with my investment and returns, so in the future I will be investing more of my money.
It’s very easy to invest with Robocash, using the website and it’s functionality is absolute pleasure. A simple and user-friendly design everyone will understand how to invest money and there is no manual work required whatsoever compared to Mintos lending platform.
At the time they offer interest rates of up to 12%, however occasionally they offer their investors a loyalty bonus, for example if you have a portfolio value of 1000 € Robocash will increase the interest rate by 0.5% for loans that you will invest in a defined period.
If you’re looking for a hands-off, easy to use investment platform with 12% returns, Robocash might be the right choice for you.
I can only say good things concerning the Robocash support, they have helped me on all my questions in a short time so no complains in this department, keep up the good job guys!

Your experience and opinion
If there are any additional questions concerning the platform you may contact me at e-mail and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope you can share your opinion and experience with the platform as well as I would like to hear success stories as by working together we would be able to achieve our goals faster.

Are you happy with the returns, are there any better platforms for investing, how do you diversify your investments, what other platforms/investments give this high return rates?

If my Robocash review has been useful please share it with your friends who are interested in investing as well.


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