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Portfolio update September 2019

Hi everyone!

Thank you for stepping by Wealth seekers!
So how was the previous months for my investments and what returns did I receive.
Let’s review the numbers for last month’s earning and invested amounts.
Monthly Income Statement: September 2019
Platform     Income         Total        Invested 
                                        invested   amount  this month
Mintos          14.47€     1 682.16€     + 136.00€
RoboCash    2.06€         339.17€     + 30.00€
Total              16.53€    2 021.33€    + 166.00€
Achieved goals

First goal: Passive income 1’000 € per month (at this level I will be financially independent, and I will be able to pay for my daily expenses);
Achieved 1.65 %

Second goal: Passive income 2’000 € per month (at this level I will be comfortably financially independent. This is close to my current day job salary);
Achieved 0.82 %

Third goal: Passive income 10’000€ per month (at this level I will be able to achieve my life dreams, do pursue my traveling hobbies and spend my free time with my family);
Achieved 0.165 %

Fourth goal: invest minimum 10% from monthly income.
Not achieved – invested 8.4 % from monthly income.

Freedom barometer

“Income from investments” this month it was 16.53 € (6.69 € more than last month).

That means I’m 1.65% Financially Free (up by 0,67% from last month). My financial journey is just starting.
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